5 Ways Medical Cannabis Businesses can Cut Costs and Promote Safety via Technology


Technology is one of the biggest advantages that we’ve made. Everyone could benefit from technology, especially those that cultivate and produce cannabis, help them learn how to grow cannabis properly. With technology, they can also ensure that they can efficiently cut costs and keep their workers are safe from any harm. Here are 5 ways that cannabis businesses could utilise technology to do just that!

Monitor, Record, and Adjust

State-of-the-art technology offers boundless opportunity to enhance monitoring, recording, and adjusting climate controls in an indoor grow room. Daily garden tasks like fertilising and watering can be handled by an automated system, giving employees the chance to focus on more important tasks, like trimming, to improve the product’s quality. Companies can opt to use machine trimmers, but the amount of care needed wouldn’t be the same compared to a human’s handiwork.

Keeping Everything Safe

Medical cannabis companies could also use technology to improve safety measures. Developing standard operating procedures and improved workflows not only maximises production efficiency, but also increases the overall safety of a company. New automation systems would also decrease working hazards, especially when it comes to dealing with complex and potentially dangerous machinery.

Useful for Expansion and Growth

Whenever a company grows and expands, requiring more man-power. Hiring employees can be expensive and without an automation system, a company might end up hiring more people than they need.

Using technology to implement automation systems like crop-steering technology scheme to know how to grow cannabis and monitor the crop’s health, growth, and yield is vital to keep the business growing. Its presence also means that the number of people needed to perform such tasks is lesser now, giving companies more time to evaluate which tasks really need a human to do the job.

Less for More

Joe Caltabiano, Cresco Labs co-founder and Chicago-based cannabis entrepreneur, said “Gone are the days of dragging a hose and pumping water room by room,” thanks to the many advances we’ve made in the field of technology. Nowadays, automated systems allow cultivators to gain better control and give proper doses of water amounts, nutrients, and more. The automation system also uses less water that can decrease operational costs by about 20%.

Making sure Molds and Microbes are Dead

Cultivators won’t have to get very “close and touchy” to their crops as often anymore, thanks to new inventions like The Box—a cannabis purifying tool that uses “reactive oxygen” to eliminate microorganisms and mould. Mark Radtke, CEO of Bonsai, was losing around 70-85 pounds of flower per month, with a wholesale price of $1,000 per pound. With the help of The Box, he says that his company was able to stabilise the situation and added that “It also keeps the room cleaner, with less people walking back and forth in the room”.

Growing cannabis can truly be a challenging task. Aside from learning how to grow cannabis, you’d have to master techniques and use the right tools to achieve maximum results. Fortunately for us, we have various technologies that help make the cultivation of cannabis easier, faster, and with better results.